Allen Tate Davidson

Allen Tate Davidson

I’m NOT your typical Realtor®

Be honest – Have you cringed at the thought of having to talk with an agent

Buyers: You’ve probably given a fake email address at open houses, you’ve secretly hoped that someone deeds you a house rather than having to go through the process of buying one, mabe you’ve stayed in your rental because you have some fear of the process.

Sellers, you aren’t off the hook either. You’ve sat through several listing presentations, all of which started to quickly sound the same, because most Realtors® are the same.

I get it. I know the expectations people have when they begin working with an agent, I was there myself before I embarked on my Real Estate career 15 years ago.

Like most agents I got into the business because I like houses and I like helping people. But most agents don’t take it much further than that.

I do.

My job isn’t simply to help you buy or sell a house.

I believe you deserve
Red Penguin service
while in addition giving you
the  clarity, peace-of-mind,
and confidence you
need to move forward,

There’s a reason most of the people I have helped are either repeat clients or have been referred to me by someone I’ve previously helped.

It’s because years ago I realized that the most important thing I have is my reputation as a professional, and that my reputation is entirely built on my ability to earn trust and keep it.

When a former client sends a friend, a family member, or a colleague my way, I understand that, in many ways, they are putting their own reputation on the line. I strive to make that decision incredibly easy.

Because my goal isn’t just to help you buy or sell a home. It is much more than that, it’s to work alongside you in such a way that you’d trust me to help your best friend do the same.

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