Be a prepared Spring Market Buyer

Be a prepared Spring Market Buyer

If you’re like many people, and try to buy a home in the Spring you’ll have to be prepared and ready to jump on the home you want.

Don’t be indecisive. Don’t try to sleep on it. When you find it, make an offer. Here are other tips to help you to win that offer:

  • Get preapproved. Not prequalified but PRE-APPROVED! This means your credit has been run, tax returns, pay stubs and other requested info has been submitted, and it has gone through underwriting. A Pre-Approval is MUCH stronger than a Pre-Qualification.
  • Focus on the house, not the owner. Concentrate on location, location, location, and look for homes that meet your basic requirements. Picture your family living there – can you envision it?
  • Hire a Realtor® who knows the area. All real estate is local. A real estate agent who specializes in the area where you want to buy will be a wealth of information for you. Not to mention, that agent will probably be well known and respected among the area specialist listing agents. Working with an agent other agents like and respect is a plus for you. Some agents, like me, do enough business to specialize in an entire area, and not just neighborhoods.
  • Be prepared to pay list price if necessary. Don’t focus on how much the seller is asking instead, focus on how much the home is worth. Ask your agent to show you a CMA of comparable sales to determine actual value.
  • Give the seller something other buyers will not. There are many terms contained in an offer. Negotiation is not always all about price. Ask your agent to make suggestions for you. It could be something as small as giving the sellers an extra day to move out or making the closing date more convenient for them

But most of all, trust your intuition. Every buyer harbors a little bit of fear inside about buying a home, whether or not it’s spring. You simply have more company in the spring.

If it feels right, just make the offer. Trust your gut.

Questions? Just ask.

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