Fun Friday – Tosco Music Party

Fun Friday – Tosco Music Party

If you like music and have not been to Tosco Music Party – you have been missing out.

Friends introduced us to Tosco when we first moved here 4 years ago – they have since left Charlotte but we have paid it forward and introduced many people to it.

When people ask me to describe it I have a hard time – it is a musical variety show, but so so much more. There are local acts and acts from across the world. There are 9 year olds and 90 year olds. Just starting and Grammy Award winners.

I have seen Asian Throat Singers, fallen in love with the music of Craig Carothers, and been fascinated by Abby The Spoon Lady.

Here is how they describe themselves: Born from intimate living room jam sessions in Charlotte, NC, Tosco Music Parties have grown into popular community concerts where nationally recognized acts share the stage with undiscovered artists and audience members are invited to sing along throughout the evening.

From concerts and open mic nights to music scholarships and outreach, Tosco Music is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the community explore, develop and share their passion for music in all its forms. 

If you are a Beatles fan – get your tickets for the Beatles Tribute in June. If not then wait for September – BUT GO!!!!


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