Fun Friday – Visit the Fourth Ward in Charlotte!

Fun Friday – Visit the Fourth Ward in Charlotte!

Today was the first time I visited the Fourth Ward – an old neighborhood in the center of Charlotte. If you like looking at beautiful architecture from the 1800s and 1900s and a bit of history this is a great place to spend a couple of hours.

Wander the streets, walk through the park, have lunch at Alexander Michaels – just relax and enjoy.

What I found most fascinating was that a number of homes were moved here from their original locations.

Here is a link to the walking tour: http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/4c632c_1d9359a8ec29490fb14d07fbb758a6a1.pdf

In the mid-1830s, Charlotte was divided into four political wards. The northwest quadrant was called Fourth Ward – a prosperous area that was home to merchants, ministers, physicians and numerous churches, forming a strong center of social and religious influence.

This stately neighborhood, of approximately 30 city blocks, is bordered by the Tryon Street business and entertainment district, the historical Elmwood Cemetery, and lively Trade Street. It is anchored by the beautiful Fourth Ward Park.

By the early 1900s, the trolley had expanded beyond uptown Charlotte,
making nearby “suburbs” such as Dilworth the neighborhoods of choice. Fourth Ward continued to thrive through the 50’s and 60’s but entered a period of decline that continued until 1976, when the Junior League undertook a restoration program that fired the imaginations of adventurous urban “pioneers.”

Today, Historic Fourth Ward is an active, charming community of grand Victorians, luxury condominiums, urban apartments, parks and businesses, as well as cultural, religious and educational activities – all within walking distance of Charlotte’s thriving uptown business center.

This neighborhood is a collection of quaint and charming meets urban contemporary, and offers a residential experience that has made Fourth Ward a premier Charlotte community.

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  1. The Fourth Ward or northwest quadrant of Charlotte s Uptown area was resurrected in the mid-18 as one of the more prosperous areas of town providing homes to local merchants, physicians, and ministers. The First Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, and St. Peters Episcopal Church are all also a part of Fourth Ward. By the 19 Charlotte residents had moved out to areas like Dilworth and Myers Park. By 1970, Fourth Ward had fallen into a state of neglect with many homes vandalized or burned.

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