Ice skating opens Nov. 19 at the Whitewater Center

Ice skating opens Nov. 19 at the Whitewater Center

Ice skating opens Nov. 19 at the Whitewater Center — plus a half-mile illuminated walking trail

The U.S. National Whitewater Center is debuting ice skating and a half-mile walking trail of light installations for the winter months. The seasonal activities open Tuesday, November 19.

From Charlotte Agenda

It’s a smart move to get people outside and to the Whitewater Center when it’s cold.

Ice Skating and Lights will provide more opportunities for the community to stay engaged. Whitewater’s goal is to continue to promote the active lifestyle and we’ll keep developing programming to get people moving,” Jesse Hyde, the center’s director of marketing and strategy, told the Agenda.

Ice Skating: The ice skating rink includes 17,000 square feet of ice on the Upper Pond of the whitewater river. It’s designed with three areas — free skate, winter sports and a 600-foot ice trail.

The skating area will also have an on-ice Airstream trailer serving craft beer, hot chocolate and coffee. Skate rentals are included but you need to bring your own socks.

Lights: This isn’t your typical Christmas light show. The half-mile walking trail features otherworldly immersive light installations by Charlotte artist Meredith Connelly.

The walking trail is through the forest, and the light installations will be inspired by nature — like giant crystals, cocoons and mushrooms.

“We’re excited to merge the natural environment with artistic interpretations of elements we see in the forest every day,” Jesse said. “Meredith and our team are creating some really compelling installations and I think this will be a unique way for the public to get outside.”

Cost: Ice skating can be accessed through an Annual Pass (kids 9 and under $189, $219 adults ages 10+), Day Pass ($59) or Single Activity Pass ($20). Lights is free and open to the public (parking is $6).

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