Talk About It Tuesday – Antiquity Greenway Grand Opening

Talk About It Tuesday – Antiquity Greenway Grand Opening

In Episode 27 I am here at the opening of the Antiquity Greenway that provides great connectivity between the Towns of Davidson and Cornelius…

– Hi, Donna Galinsky with Allen Tate Real Estate. Thank you for joining me for Episode 27 of Talk About It Tuesday. Today I’m going to talk about the Antiquity Greenway because I’m here at the opening of that Greenway. So let’s go over and let’s watch the ribbon cutting and see what’s going on over here. ♪ Well let’s talk about it ♪ ♪ Talk about it ♪ ♪ Talk about it ♪ ♪ Talk about it ♪

– Good morning, what a great day it is here in our town. Thank you so much for being here with us today to share in this very, very special occasion with us for the dedication of the Antiquity Greenway. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and here we are. I want to recognize our State elected officials, Town Bommissioners, Board of County Commissioners, Mecklenburg County and the Town of Davidson elected officials that are here. So, I want to try to get down this list, if I leave anybody out, please don’t let me do that, raise your hand. So, first of all we have our Representative Christy Clark.

– [Women] Right here. There she is.

– Yay!

– Senator Natasha Marcus. And County Commissioner Elaine Powell. I know she’s passionate about this project.

– I am, I am.

– Thank you. And from the town of Davidson we have Commissioner Jane Campbell. She’s right here. Commissioner Autumn Michael. And the Chairman of their Livability Commission, Steedman Lyles. There’s Steedman. And also, last but not least, the Mayor of Davidson, Mr. Rusty Knox. Welcome. Did I get everybody?

– Why don’t you have him raise his hand?

– Ah, he did.

– Welcome, Rusty, and all of you. Our town and the park commission made a commitment of improving the quality of life for all the residents in our community and our surrounding communities and have been actively adding greenways over the past several years. Antiquity represents our third greenway in Cornelius, and there are many, many more in the pipeline that will be coming to fruition in the next few years. It’s an exciting time for our town as we move forward.

What I understand is this project completes 60 to 65% of what is known as our emerald necklace around our town, which is over 13 miles of greenway encircling our great town here. In order to make this greenway a reality, the town pulled together numerous partners to develop and operate the Antiquity Greenway. Without these partners, we would not be here today, so I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of them.

North Carolina Department of Transportation, for providing nearly 1.5 million in construction grants, that’s a lot of money, give them a hand.

The Carolina Thread Trail for providing $60,000 for the planning grant. Carolina Trail, I don’t know if you’re here, but-

Mecklenburg County for working on a wayfinding signage package that will go up shortly. They will also provide the ongoing maintenance for the greenway.

And also, last but not least, the town of Davidson, for working with Cornelius to provide the necessary easements and access to high and to the South Prong Rocky River Greenway, connecting our two great towns. Thank you.

We have another great group that works with us, and that would be our Park Commissioners. So, Park Commissioners, will you raise your hands, please? There they are. Thank you for your service.

And also none of this would happen without the support of our town board. So, let me recognize the ones that are here, and they include Commissioner Naas, Commissioner Bilodeau, Commissioner Ross, and then, last but not least, Commissioner Pelting.

So, at this point, I’d like to recognize the Chairman of the Park Commission, who will have a few words to say, and that is Dr. Scott Higgins to my right, who has been instrumental in the process of moving this process forward. Thank you, Scott.

– Thank you, Eric. Appreciate it. What a great crowd, I tell you what. We’ve been waiting six years with planning and then finally the building of this greenway, is a- living in Antiquity and going back and forth almost on a daily basis to see this greenway built, I know, it’s a great day, it’s a beautiful day for this. In the process of being over here and looking at building the greenway, I was really impressed with the ability of the town to put together some real important companies and people who have really done a great job with this greenway. You can see the boardwalk behind me, going over the wetlands. Many of you may not remember, but in November, December, January, it rained all the time, so it was nothing but a mud-hole back here, so these guys really had a challenge in front of them.

But I wanted to recognize some of these people and give them a special thanks. First is Dewberry, our engineering design firm, developing, I know, I think Skip and Bryan are here. Back in the back, there. Thanks, Skip.

And AWCK, providing construction, engineering, inspections. Mark and David, I don’t know if any of them are here. Raise your hand if you’re here, they did a great job.

And I’ll tell you, J.D. Goodrum for serving as general contractor, general contractor, lost the sound. I can still say it loud enough. I tell you what, Doug Williams and Andy and all their crew, really worked hard at getting the greenway built, and it was, as I said, quite a struggle.

John DeKemper, the park Assistant Director, he provided the construction management on behalf of the town, and again, that’s not a hard-working world to John.

And I want to thank my buddies over there, Cornelius-Lemley Fire Station No. 1, Chief Barbee and his crowd for the flag. You always show up and make our celebrations so special.

We’re actually, after the ribbon-cutting, we’re going to have our bike expo. You can see a lot of the vendors out there. I hope you’ll drop by and thank them for being here, and learn more about bicycling. Our bike expo that we do with Davidson was canceled earlier in the year because of weather, so we’re trying to get that in, and trying to get as many folks out here, especially the little ones, on bicycles, and go down the greenway.

We appreciate our vendors, particularly the Carolina Thread Trail, I think, we mentioned them before. Back in the back, thank you very much.

Catawba Lands Conservancy, thank you very much. Gear Up Bike Shop, they’re probably back underneath the tent, there. Pita Pit, there he is, how you doing, my friend? Cycle Path, Total Nutrition Technology is here, and Trek Bicycle Store, give them a big hand, will you? We have a lot of great community partners, and that’s just a few.

Again, also wanted to make sure that you visit the park booth, the blue tent up there. They have, a lot of folks have been asking about a map of our emerald necklace greenway system and what’s planned and what we have built already, in addition to the other information the park can offer so make sure you go by them.

Again, I’d like to also thank Harris Teeter, appreciate the water and fruit they donated today. I don’t know if anybody’s here from Harris Teeter, but thank you very much.

And also, Charlie Dyer of Harvey’s and Barley Market for coffee. And that’s David over at Barley Market and Charlie up at Harvey’s, so thank you.

Also, a very special person, I’m looking at him right now, Officer Patrick Maldarelli. He’s instrumental in this community, he’s a friend of the kids and adults alike, so we’re glad to have you here, Patrick.

There’s lots of excitement in the Antiquity community, around the town, over the greenways. I mean, this is basically a connection between Davidson greenway and all the things that are planned here in Cornelius and planned in Davidson. You can see at the other end, if you have not, going up that end, the South Street and all the improvements that have been made over at the school.

Over here, we have the art center, Cain Arts Center being built, and North Rec Center going down the road, all these businesses in here, the Pita Pit and others that we have here. So, this is just a bridge between on the East side, it’s just a new dawn for the East side of Cornelius and Davidson as well. So, the economic development that I think is going to get a shot in the arm from this greenway is just going to be incredible. We already know what statistics say about the economic growth when you have a greenway, and make Starbucks coffee and a lot of other places are over here as well,

– OMB.

– Oh, indeed. They’re going to put a trail, I mean one of the big reasons they moved here was because of the greenway. They’re going to put a trail connecting to this greenway. So, connectivity, yes. A lot more businesses will be locating at this end as well, so, with that, speaking of connectivity, I want to turn it over to Troy Fitzsimmons, he’s the Director of the Park Department.

– Folks, how’s everybody doing today? All right, you excited to get on the greenway? All right, I’ll only be about 45 minutes, okay. I’m only kidding. Couple minutes, that’s all. Just wanted to talk about the importance, you’ve heard a lot about it already, but, while this is only a .6 mile greenway, it unlocks a lot of access to greenways over in Davidson, we also have the existing McDowell Creek Greenway, open to Caldwell Station Greenway, we have high-use paths on Bailey Road and elsewhere through town, so today, when we opened up Antiquity, and Chair Higgins, would you do me the honor, over on the map here, right here?

When we opened up Antiquity today, 60% of our 13 mile emerald necklace is complete. But what’s even more exciting, is we have a lot more in the pipeline. Next month, Plum Creek Greenway, which connects to Davidson Greenway, to Hough High School, gets underway, it’ll open next spring. Additionally, McDowell Creek Greenway, phase 2, will start construction next spring, and open the following year in 2021. With those next few critical links in the emerald necklace going in, 75% of the 13 mile loop is complete. And we look forward to getting the rest of it complete a few years thereafter. So, 13 miles connecting where people live, to where they recreate, shop, and congregate, so exciting times in Cornelius, and I thank our town board and park commission for the support they’ve given, along with all the other partners that we’ve talked about before, like NCDOT, Carolina Thread Trail, Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation, and Davidson, the town of Davidson, so, exciting times coming here. So, with that said, Mayor, board, and park commissioners, what do you say we cut the ribbon and get these folks moving?

– Yes!

– On my count. Okay. Five!

– Two!

– Four! Three! Two! One!

– All right, everybody jog.

– [Donna Galinsky] And the first bikers are off down the greenway. Thank you for joining me for episode 27 of Talk About It Tuesday. I hope to see you next week. Have a wonderful week.

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