Talk About It Tuesday – Ascendant Imaging

Talk About It Tuesday – Ascendant Imaging

Today I am talking with Katy Perry of Ascendant Imaging on how to get your home ready for pictures when you list it for sale.





Hi Donna Galinsky – Allen Tate Real Estate. Thank you for joining me for Episode 21 of Talk About It Tuesday. Today I’m going to talk to Katy Perry of Ascendant Imaging about how to get your home ready for pictures when you’re putting it on the market. The best practices and tips to make it show the best.So stay tuned, we’re going to go inside and talk to Katy.

Donna: Welcome to Episode 21 of Talk About It Tuesday. Today I’m here with Katy Perry – home photographer extraordinaire. 

Katy: Thanks Donna

Donna: Katy is going to tell us how to get your home best ready for photography when you list in on the market.

So let’s start with your tips before we go room to room. Let’s start with your top tips in general for getting the house ready to be photographed.

Katy: definitely. So there’s some easy things that you can do right away that make it just show a lot nicer and show up a lot better in pictures.

Any sort of flat surface, like countertops or tables or the fridge, side tables anything like that we want to get rid of as much clutter as possible.

Any mail, newspapers, magazines, books, remotes you want to just hide all that stuff in a drawer, it doesn’t have to be nice in a drawer. You can shove it in the closet and away it goes.

We want to make sure all the curtains are open, we want all the nice natural light to come in and show how nice and bright the rooms are.

Always try to make sure your bed and linens are fresh and kind of pressed so that they’re not wrinkly and showing all these little imperfections. That sort of stuff shows up pretty easily.

Bathrooms and Kitchens – we want to get rid of any sort of cleaning products, or toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo. So all of that stuff can go into drawers and be hidden. It’s just usually not that nice to see other people’s toothbrushes laying out and around.

You want to kind of pick large family portraits that you have around, small pictures are fine, but the big family portraits that are over a fireplace or a couch, you might want to take those down for the pictures.

Those are your biggest quick tips..

Donna: We’ll go room by room in this house and you tell us what to do to get it ready?

Katy: Yes. Absolutely. Donna: See you in the kitchen.

Katy: The hand towels right here. We’re not really adding anything to the scene, just kind of distracting you from the nice fridge.

Like we were talking about earlier this whole flat surface – there’s a lot of stuff on here right now, which is all normal usable stuff, but we want to store it for the pictures.

We want to get rid of this little coffee maker, vitamins over here, all of our little coffee containers and water bottles over here at the stove.

I don’t actually mind the little teapot. I think it’s kind of a cute little staging item.

I would get rid of the cutting board just because it blocks our nice tile backsplash up here in our little nook. We’ve got some really nice tile back there and in order to show that off I would take all of this spices and oils out of there so we can show that off.

The knife block I don’t mind. 

Over here in the corner I would get rid of all of our miscellaneous bottles and containers, the dog treats especially – we want to hide our pets from everyone.

Over here by the sink I would definitely get rid of our paper towels, same thing with the stuff around the corner here. We want to put away our scrubber and this little pot right here.

Same thing, you just want to open this space up and show how much area you have to work without cluttering it up.

Donna: Okay, we’ll do what we have to do.

Then we’ll come back and do a finished product afterwards.

Katie: Perfect.

Donna: All right, Katy,. So in this Home Office/Den, what are we doing in this room?

Katy: All right. This one’s a super common room, super used. There’s usually a lot of things that we can do to really quickly clean this up. 

Over here by the TV we have just some miscellaneous electronic things. We want to stash those, then we’ve got some books over here and we want to find a spot for those. These miscellaneous iPhone cases and stuff like that we want to put those in a drawer and clear that surface.

Over here by the desk we want to do basically the same thing – there’s just some papers and and work items over here. We just want to clear all those up, kind of corral all those together.

We have a nice open space right here, the windows look pretty good right now, but we want to make sure these curtains are nice, and open, and even, because we have lots of light coming in this way.

We want to make this room look really bright and fresh.

This couch right here is a perfect example of something that we can really easily fix. We have pets or animals that like to look out the window, like a lot of us do and they might leave a little dent in the couch. So we want to make sure and fluff that area, make sure it looks nice and fresh and hide the fact that we have pets.

Because even though we love them not everyone does.

The same thing with the pillows, we want to watch these tags. You can usually pretty easily just flip these a different direction. So the tag is underneath them and not visible at all. That’s a quick easy fix there.

Over here on the table, another easy fix. We want to get rid of just our miscellaneous magazines, newspapers, phone chargers, remotes, tissues. All that stuff should be hidden away or moved to another room for the pictures so you don’t see it at all.

Over here on the windows we want to open those curtains all the way and let all that nice natural light in.

Donna: These two shelf units up here? 

Katy: These two shelf units are okay. I think when you have a little collection that kind of works together, when all the items go together in groups accordingly then it looks fine.

What I would be concerned about is if we had things that don’t match, or we had some just miscellaneous newspapers, mail, little baskets or trinkets.

Then we kind of clean that up. But we have little collections like that. They actually look nice.

Donna: Okay, let’s move on. Thank you so much.

All right, Katy, let’s move into the Living Room / Den and see what needs to be done in this space.

Katy: Perfect. Let’s look around. 

So first we’re kind of starting here at this little bar area. I think we’re actually looking pretty good over here. There’s just a few kinds of decorations, which I’m totally okay with.

Moving over here to the TV area we do have a lot of family pictures here on the on the table. I would remove at least 1/2 of those probably closer to 3/4.

One of the areas you want to pay close attention to, that’s easy to forget is all the shelves in your entertainment center. We have a lot of miscellaneous stuff down here, and some electronic equipment that we can just tidy up a little bit. That’s an easy fix. 

Same thing over here at this table, we really want to pay attention to those spaces that are forgotten down on the bottom. So we have a lot of magazines and mail down here that we want to clean up and get rid of.

The same thing on our surfaces like we talked about before, just put these hats away, the remotes can go stashed in a drawer, pens in the cupboard, and we’re good to go.

Any sort of exercise equipment like this foam roller down here, we want to do the same thing just put it in a closet. Make sure it goes where it belongs. 

Everything in a room needs to belong to the room that it’s in, so since this isn’t an exercise room we don’t want to see any exercise equipment.

That’s kind of a good rule of thumb, going through rooms to make sure everything belongs where it’s at.

Donna: Thank you. Let’s head into the bedroom.

Last room today – we’re going to do the bedroom. So go through it.

Katy: Perfect. So here in the bedroom we have some of the same issues we’ve been seeing throughout the house. Tops of our cabinets or side tables anything like that usually has some books and miscellaneous electronic stuff. You just want to get rid of those. Stash them away.

The bedroom, especially if you have an en suite bathroom like this one does, usually we’ll run into some towels, laundry baskets things like that. Put those away in a closet.

We have a few shoes over here, that want gone, put those way as well

The bed looks really nice. You actually want to make sure your bed is freshly made and sheets are nice and crisp. So this looks really good.

A big one that’s really common – we want to stash all of our pet beds. Again, we love our pets, they’re part of our family but not everyone does. We want to get that stuff out of the way for people that may not be as interested in our dogs and cats as we are.

Then again side tables are a more common spot for water glasses, phone chargers, books you’re reading before bed. We want to clear all of that stuff off so we have a nice fresh fresh surface and it looks like we have tons of space in the house.

Donna: How about that little part of the bathroom? 

Katy: The bathroom connected right here – one of the first things that I see is the trash can. We want to make sure all trash cans are hidden. Another one of those things that you just don’t want to see is other people’s trash

Then the same thing we’ve talked about before on those countertop surfaces – we want to get rid of all of our makeup, perfumes, toothpaste, mouthwash, anything like that. We just want to stash it in a drawer.

Donna: Thank you so much for joining me and for all the tips that you gave everybody out there for getting their homes ready,

Thank you all for joining me for episode 21 of Talk about It Tuesday, and I’ll see you next week.

And if you need home pictures done Katy is your girl. You have her contact info up there on the screen.

Katy: Thanks so much. 

Donna: Have a great week.

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