Talk About It Tuesday – Brow Lounge

Talk About It Tuesday – Brow Lounge

On Episode 20 – I am talking with Jenn Cox about her business and the services she offers. It is a lot more than just brows….

Hi, Donna Galinsky with Allen Tate Real Estate. Thank you for joining me for episode 20 of Talk About It Tuesday.

Today. I’m going over to Brow Lounge in Huntersville to talk to Jenn Cox about her business and what she does besides just brows. So hang on and let’s go inside and talk to Jenn.

Donna: Thank you for joining me for Episode 20 of Talk About It Tuesday. ‘m here with Jenn Cox of Brow Lounge in Huntersville who is going to tell us a little bit about her business

and what she has going on here.

Jenn welcome and tell us a little bit about your background and Brow Lounge.

Jenn: Well, I’ve been an Esthetician for 25 years. I’ve been in the industry for 25 years

We opened up the original Brow Lounge in Greensboro in 2006, and then I followed suit in 2009 and opened up Brow Lounge in Cornelius, North Carolina, and I’ve recently moved Brow Lounge just as of two months ago to Huntersville, North Carolina and to the Target shopping Center.

Donna: What is your name of the the place you’re in?

Jenn:  So we are located inside of Salons by JC and that’s in the Huntersville shopping center where the Target is in between Kohl’s and Old Navy.

Donna:  Obviously you do eyebrows, which is how I found you in the first place, and what other services? I know you do a lot more than just brows.

Jenn: Yes. We do a lot more than brows. So Brow Lounge started off as just a waxing studio, just doing brows and body waxings. We’ve evolved and we’ve grown our business to include skincare. We do dermaplaning, peels. Dermaplaning is a really great exfoliation treatment. It’s a handheld tool, it’s a medical grade device as the blade, and in the form that it’s used. It helps exfoliate all the dead skin off of your face, and the added benefitis it removes all that little peach fuzz, that vellus hair that have on our skin. So then you have a very very smooth smooth surface of your skin. Then all of the products are able to penetrate better into our skin

and we just get a better result as far as exfoliation. It’s a wonderful, wonderful treatment it’s probably the best bang for your buck. If you go in for like  a facial, it’s a quick like 30 minutes.

Donna: Yep, that’s good to know. I didn’t really know what that was before.

Jenn: Yeah. There you go.

Donna: So, I’m sorry I interrupted you go on with your list. 

Jenn: No, I’m just holding on to this and Blinc is what we’re calling ourselves as of just recent, but Blinc just stands for Brow Lounge Inc and you can still find us on the website or,

if you do a search engine under Brow Lounge.  We will never change that name, as we have that local presence with our name. So we are going to keep Brow Lounge as our local name 

Donna: Somebody asked me yesterday if you did European leg waxing. So I said you do leg waxing. Is there a difference between European waxing and regular waxing? 

Jenn: Not sure what that means. Maybe a different method or maybe a different

product but no we just do waxing, good old waxing.

Donna: That’s what I told her. I told her to give you a call.

Jenn: Yes. Absolutely. It’s great. 

Donna: So you have this great little room here. Yep, you have the waiting room and have your…

Jenn: and we have a couple of treatment rooms, we have this waiting room. When you come into Salons by JC you would go to unit 4. We have our own little waiting area here.

We have some retail products as well, skincare brow products and lash products. We carry a little bit of jewelry, some some necklaces and bracelets and our good old candles that are in Anthropologie. We’re still carrying those and they’re doing very well

Then we have the two treatment room. So as you’re sitting in our lobby, the waiting  area, we come in get you for your treatment. 

Donna:  You gave your  website, do you want to give your phone number?

Jenn: Yes. Our phone number is 704-661-6700 and you can also book online by going to There’s an online booking app as well.

You can download our app, which is BrowLounge one word in the Apple Store and once you register there, you can set up your own account and from that app you can go into appointments and book your own appointments, whichever location you’d like to go to, as well as at your own convenience 24/7.

Donna: Excellent. Anything else you want to tell the people out there?

Jenn: We’re excited to be here.  We’ve been in the area ten years. We were one of the very first waxing studios. We have a great client base. We love what we do. We really take pride in what we do. All of our business comes by referrals and word of mouth. And so we feel really proud about that, and we do look for good feedback so that we can always improve our services and improve your experience. I think that reviews are extremely important. So we do value value your reviews and value your feedback on how we’re doing.

Donna: Thank you. Thank you for talking to us today.

Jenn: Absolutely. Thank you for having me, such fun

Donna: My pleasure and I’ll see you next week on Talk About It Tuesday.Have a great week.

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