Talk About It Tuesday – Happenings by the Birkdale Golf Course…

Talk About It Tuesday – Happenings by the Birkdale Golf Course…

Donna Galinsky with Allen Tate Real Estate. Thank you for joining me for Episode 18 of Talk About It Tuesday.

Today I’m going up to the Huntersville Planning Department to talk to Principal Planner David Peete about what’s going on in the Birkdale area, what’s coming near the golf course?
So stay tuned and we’ll hear what he has to tell us.

Donna: I’m here with David Peete, Principal Planner for the Town of Huntersville.
He’s going to talk to us today about the exciting things happening over in Birkdale.
OK David, I’m going to let you have the floor.

David: Well Donna one of the projects that the town has recently approved is the renovation of the Birkdale Golf course. They are going to take away the driving facility,
which is where the large nets are that you’ve probably seen.

Donna: So no driving range at all on the course?

David: That is not envisioned at this time. There won’t be room for it. So what they’re looking to do is provide a hotel which would be about six stories, and some apartments. I think there’s over a hundred of those. Then there will be commercial square footage.
So it will very much be a mixed project.

You can live there, you can shop, there will be recreation opportunities. There will be a portion of public Greenway that goes through it as well. So it will be very complementary to the Birkdale project on the North side that everyone is familiar with. It will have the same architecture that Birkdale Village has.

Donna: This is going to connect over 73 to the existing Birkdale?

David: In the works is a connecting tunnel underneath 73 for the Greenway. But it will be essentially connected by the light at Birkdale Commons Parkway and 73.

Donna: Do we have any idea of any of the stores and the anchors?

David: We do not, that’s not part of the approval, they’re working on it as we speak, and we think that they’ll be beginning development very soon.

Donna: The apartments are regular apartments? No age restrictions?

David: Correct.

Donna: The hotel is there conference rooms.

David: That’s the vision. I think it’s going to be a little elevated. It’s meant to be more of a Destination type. Again these are their words their marketing wasn’t necessarily part of our review. But that’s the vision and I assume they’ll release the the name of it
when they’re ready.

Donna: Is it going to break ground do you think in 2019?

David: It could, I think that they definitely are ready and motivated. But absolutely I believe it will come out of the ground in the spring
if not this fall.

Donna: Exciting.

David: Approval earlier this year.

Donna: Anything else coming exciting that you want to share?

David: There’s just a lot of residential at the moment. No large other commercial projects similar to this.

Donna: I thank you for your time for talking to us about this.

David: Not a problem.

Donna: Appreciate it. Thank you.

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