Talk About It Tuesday – Why I ❤️ Lake Norman

Talk About It Tuesday – Why I ❤️ Lake Norman

As a Realtor® and a transplant to NC myself, I am asked often if I miss Long Island and why I am so happy here in Lake Norman…..take a listen to Episode 20.

Hi, Donna Galinsky with Allen Tate Real Estate.

Thank you for joining me for Episode 19 of Talk About It Tuesday.

Today I want to talk about the question that I get asked most often, what I love about Lake Norman, North Carolina. So stay tuned.

I moved here 4-1/2 years ago from Long Island and I embraced the lifestyle and fell in love with the area really quickly.

So the question I get asked most often is what I love about Lake Norman.
Why do I love it here, coming from some place I lived all my life?

Let me give you some of the reasons why I love this area.

Number 1. It’s the lake. I was never a lake person. I was never a boater. Now I go boating, I go kayaking. I’ve tried stand-up paddleboarding – not really my thing, but I’ve tried it. I love to watch people wakeboarding. I love to watch people wake surfing, going out there on tubes.

I love going out on the lake and spending an afternoon out there. There’s nothing like it. You don’t need to own a boat. You can join a boat club or you can enter your watercraft in on of the many public areas that are on the lake.

Number 2: I also love the convenience to Charlotte. They have great theater in Charlotte. All the big shows come here at some point or another. There’s also the music.
We’re only 20 minutes from Charlotte Uptown and parking is normally five dollars for the night. There are so many good restaurants there to choose from in Charlotte.

Number 3. I love being outdoors. So I really enjoy the Greenways. Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville have a huge Greenway system between the three towns that connects them.
The Town of Cornelius is working on putting in the “Emerald Necklace’ which is going to be 14 miles of Greenways going around the town in a big circle.

Greenways are great places to walk, to run, to go to get your groceries, – because they always connect places – or to cycle. The Greenways are amazing.

The parks. We have a load of parks here, and most of them are free to the public. In Cornelius we have Ramsey Creek Park, which is one of the few parks on the lake that has a public beach. Jetton Park which has a beautiful new Waterfront Hall for parties and it’s just a gorgeous place for walking a mile and a half loop. They also have tennis courts there, as well as picnic areas, and a playground.

We also have North Mecklenburg Park, which has some great tennis courts, there is lacrosse,baseball, and it has mountain biking trails.

Also Fisher Farm in Davidson and up in Troutman there is Lake Norman State Park, which also has hiking trails and another large public beach.

Those are just some of the parks – There’s also Latta Plantation in Huntersville, which is beautiful for walking and hiking. It’s a great place to take the dogs. The dogs can go in the water. It’s pretty wonderful.

Davidson and Davidson College. My office is in Davidson. I love the town of Davidson. I love the historic downtown area. It’s so cute to walk around and do some shopping. There are coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants. There’s Davidson theater. There are Greenways.

There’s Davidson College, which is wonderful to walk around the campus or go watch Wildcats games. I’ve been to football. I’ve been to basketball. It’s a lot of fun. It’s great college town.

In Cornelius.You have Old Town Cornelius, which is developing. The Cain Center for the Arts, which is coming soon. Antiquity Town Center has restaurant and shopping and it connects Cornelius to Davidson. There’s a new Greenway coming to Antiquity soon that is going to connect Cornelius Greenways to Davidson Greenways.

Dining outdoors is a great thing to do. There are restaurants both on the water and off the water. Most restaurants do have outdoor seating, outdoor music and if you go to North Harbour Club or go to Port City Club, you can sit outside, dine and look at the lake.

I enjoy the Lake Norman Cottage in Davidson, you can sit outside there, have a glass of Rosé and overlook the lake. There is almost nothing better than rose in the summertime overlooking Lake Norman

Did I mention breweries? We have loads of breweries in the Lake Norman area, all with their own style of craft brew. One of my favorites is Old Mecklenburg. Right now they’re just down in Charlotte, but they are opening their spot in Cornelius in 2020 if not 2021, so I am really looking forward to that.

In addition to breweries. How about wineries? Within an hour drive of where I am in Davidson you have Childress Winery, you have Daveste, you have Raffaldini, you have Piccone. My favorite is Raffaldini – you get Italian style wines made in North Carolina
and they are absolutely fabulous.

The weather. I’m coming from New York. I will take the hot summers here in exchange for the mild winters any day of the week.

Last but not least are the people. In this area most most everyone is from somewhere else. They’re coming here for family. They’re coming here for work. They are coming here to retire.

If you watch my YouTube Channel watch my Greenway video and you’ll hear all about the Greenways around town.

I have met some of the nicest people that I know down here. People are truly welcoming.

I planned on giving a short answer and it became a little longer than I wanted.
But those are some of the reasons that I love living in Lake Norman area of North Carolina.

If I can help you to find your happy place here, please contact me.

If you just want more information I’ll be happy to give you that as well.

Thank you for joining me and I’ll see you next week. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

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