Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday

Fact or Fiction: You should wait for the Spring Market to List.

Donna Galinsky of Allen Tate Real Estate here, on the beautiful shores of Lake Norman in North Carolina, just North of Charlotte.

Welcome to Episode 1 of my Tip Tuesday series.

Today I want to talk a bit about: Fact or fiction: You should wait until Spring to list your home?

If I told you that the Winter season draws out motivated buyers who want to take advantage of the less competitive market, would you wait to list? I didn’t think so.

Here are just some reasons why you might not want to wait until the full Spring market is in bloom:
…..Inventory is lower in Winter, since many buyers believe that they should wait until Spring, there tends to be a shortage of homes for sale in the Winter. That would make supply and demand work in your favor. ……Typically fewer homes equals better prices. Come April or May, you will have a lot more competition and that turns the market in favor of the buyers, rather than the sellers.
…..Also, Winter buyers are motivated buyers.
……They are buyers who are actively looking in the colder and wetter months because they need to move into a new home for one reason or another. Maybe they have a child on the way, maybe they have a job that makes them moving, maybe they’re up-sizing or downsizing. Whatever reason they need to change their current living situation out of necessity and they are serious about purchasing a house.

In the Spring, you tend to get a lot more looky-loos, a lot more tire kickers.

Spring is around the corner, but it’s not here yet. There is still time to get your home on the market before the masses.

Then again, real estate is local and everybody’s situation is different, so maybe it is better for you to wait until the Spring, in spite of all of this.

Give me a call, send me a email, give me a text and let’s talk and let’s see what works best for your situation.

I’ll see you again next week with Episode 2..